The Jersey 21 and Guernsey 8

The Jersey 21 and the Guernsey 8 are those from the Channel Islands who did not return from Nazi prisons, labour camps and concentration camps after the war. Their stories are on this website. However, for those who want a quick shortcut to finding their stories, their names and links are below.

The Jersey 21

Clifford Cohu
Arthur Dimery
George Fox
Louisa Gould
Maurice Gould
James Houillebecq
Peter Bruce Johnson
Frank Le Villio
William Marsh
Edward Peter Muels
John Whitley Nicolle
Leonce Ogier
Frederick Page
Clarence Painter
Peter Painter
Emile Paisnel
Clifford Querée
Marcel Rossi
June Sinclair
John Soyer
Joseph Tierney


The Guernsey 8
Sidney Ashcroft

Charles Machon

Herbert Smith

John Ingrouille

Joseph Gillingham

Percy Miller

Louis Symes

Marie Ozanne