Educational Materials

Coming soon:

The owner of this website, Dr Gilly Carr, will be working with the Holocaust Educational Trust, the UK’s provider of Holocaust education, to create a special teaching pack using stories taken from this website. This teaching pack will be primarily for use in Channel Islands schools, but will also be freely available for UK schools to use as well.

The teaching packs will present a summary of a selection of stories from deported people from Guernsey and Jersey, and each story will come with associated questions for debate and consideration in the classroom. These will encourage pupils to think about choices made during the German occupation of the Channel Islands, and how they might have responded in a similar position. They will also be encouraged to think about consequences of actions, about bravery, and about standing up to Nazism.

In the school year beginning in the autumn of 2018, the teaching packs will be used in schools for the first time. Workshops will be run in Channel Islands’ schools, both for pupils and for teachers, and these events will be filmed. The resulting films and teaching exercises will be placed on this website for all to use.


Frank Falla writing his memoirs, copyright Frank Falla Archive, Island Archives, Guernsey.