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The owner of this website, Dr Gilly Carr, has worked with the Holocaust Educational Trust, the UK’s provider of Holocaust education, to create a special teaching pack using stories taken from this website. This teaching pack will be primarily for use in Channel Islands schools, but will also be freely available for UK schools to use as well.

The teaching packs present a summary of a selection of stories from deported people from Guernsey and Jersey, and each story comes with associated questions for debate and consideration in the classroom. These encourage pupils to think about choices made during the German occupation of the Channel Islands and how they might have responded in a similar position. Pupils will also be encouraged to think about consequences of actions, bravery, and standing up to Nazism.

In the school year beginning in the autumn of 2018, the teaching packs will be used in schools for the first time. Teacher training workshops were run in September 2018 and the videos made of sessions are available below, beneath the teaching materials.

The 12 case studies of the teaching pack (available as downloadable PDFs) are below. These combine both Jewish case studies and those of other victims of Nazism, specifically the political prisoners (resisters) deported for acts of protest, defiance and resistance. Each case study is accompanied by questions for discussion in the classroom. Notes for teachers are also provided to help with classroom discussions.


The Jewish experience in the Channel Islands during the German Occupation (overview)

Therese Steiner (case study of a non-British Jew deported from Guernsey)

Esther Pauline Lloyd (case study of a British Jew deported from Jersey)

Hedwig ‘Hedy Bercu’ Goldenberg (case study of a non-British Jew hiding in Jersey)

John Max Finkelstein (case study of a non-British Jew and Holocaust survivor deported from Jersey)

Miriam Jay (case study of a British Jew in Guernsey who avoided detection)

Lucy Schwob (case study of a French Jew in Jersey who avoided detection and was also a political prisoner)

Notes for Teachers on the questions for discussion (the Jewish experience).


The political prisoner experience in the Channel Islands during the German Occupation (overview)

Frank Falla (case study of a man who worked on an underground newspaper and was deported from Guernsey)

Frank Tuck (case study of a policeman deported from Guernsey who survived many prisons and camps)

Harold Le Druillenec (case study of a resister deported from Jersey who survived Bergen-Belsen)

Clifford Cohu (case study of a man deported from Jersey for spreading the news and who died in a labour camp)

Stanley Green (case study of a man deported from Jersey deported for resistance activities)

Marie Ozanne (case study of a woman imprisoned in Guernsey for standing up for victims of Nazism)

Notes for Teachers (political prisoner experience) on the questions for discussion (the political prisoner experience).


Teacher training videos on a variety of subjects concerning the Holocaust, Nazi persecution and the Channel Islands are provided below:

  1. The role of the Holocaust Educational Trust (HET)
  2. Should every young person learn about the Holocaust?
  3. What was the Holocaust?
  4. Holocaust education pedagogy
  5. A guide to using HET teaching resources
  6. Dilemmas, choices and responses to the Holocaust
  7. Introduction to the Frank Falla Archive
  8. The Holocaust, the Channel Islands and the Jewish experience Part I
  9. The Holocaust, the Channel Islands and the Jewish experience Part II
  10. Frank Falla Archive educational materials
  11. The political prisoners
  12. The Organisation Todt


Lesson ideas: A growing resource. Please submit your lesson ideas to us and we’ll upload them to the website to create a great shared resource for all teachers.


Recommended reading:

Carr, G. On British Soil: Nazi Persecution in the Channel Islands. Cambridge: McDonald Institute Publications. [Available in Channel Islands bookshops and through the author].

Carr, G., Sanders, P. and Willmot, L. 2014. Protest, Defiance and Resistance in the Channel Islands: German Occupation 1940-1945. London: Bloomsbury Academic.

Cohen, F. 2000. The Jews in the Channel Islands during the German Occupation 1940-1945. Jersey: Jersey Heritage.

For teachers interested in the pedagogy of Holocaust Education, the Frank Falla Archive recommends both the website of the Holocaust Educational Trust, which has age-appropriate materials for different stages of the curriculum, and also the very readable volume:

Cowan, P. and Maitles, H. 2017. Understanding and Teaching Holocaust EducationSage.

Frank Falla writing his memoirs, copyright Frank Falla Archive, Island Archives, Guernsey.