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Further information

Frank Falla Archive Blog and News

The Frank Falla Archive (FFA) blog and news page is a place for the researchers behind the FFA to write about their research discoveries. Sometimes a guest blogger will be invited to write. Do you have story to share? Please contact us!


There are many memorials to victims of Nazism in the Channel Islands. Information about those in St Peter Port, Guernsey, and St Helier, Jersey, is provided here.

Resistance Trail Jersey

Discover sites of civilian wartime protest and defiance in Occupied Jersey.

Resistance Trail Guernsey

Created by Dr Gilly Carr, this Resistance Trail is designed to introduce visitors and locals alike to some of the more well-known and important resistance people and sites in Guernsey.


Do you want to carry out your own research into Channel Islander political prisoners in your family? Here are some of the main sources you can use to carry out that research.


Useful website links for your own research.

Educational Materials

Educational materials for schools based on this website

The Jersey 21 and Guernsey 8

Need a reminder of who the men and women of the Guernsey 8 and Jersey 21 were? Their names are here, provided with links to their entries on the website.