Do you want to carry out your own research into Channel Islander political prisoners in your family?

To find out more about the people and stories of Jersey‘s Occupation, search the Jersey Heritage Catalogue.

Occupation registration forms and cards are all digitized and online, as are the court sentences of those prosecuted by the occupiers.


Occupation identity cards and court sentences in the Island Archives, Guernsey, are not digitized or online, and so we recommend a visit in person.


The National Archives in Kew, London, hold the Nazi persecution compensation claims of Islanders and all UK nationals who were sent to concentration camps or comparable institutions and who applied for compensation. Although these documents are not online, their catalogue is searchable online.


The Imperial War Museum, London, contains some records pertinent to the Channel Islands’ story. Their database can be searched online.


The Wiener Library for the study of the Holocaust and Genocide, London, holds digitised copies of records from the International Tracing Service.  You can make an appointment to search their records to look at Nazi prison and concentration camp records.


Please see our list of links to other appropriate archives, museums and organisations across Europe, here.