Thomas William Le Prevost

Date of birth 5 April 1925
Place of birth Guernsey
Deported from Guernsey
Deportation date 18 November 1942
Address when deported Le Preel, Castel, Guernsey

By Gilly Carr

Thomas William Le Prevost was born on 5 April 1925 in Guernsey. He was thus 15 years old when the Germans arrived. At the time of registration of Islanders in October 1940, he had already left school and was working on a farm.

Le Prevost comes to our attention because on 2 October 1942 he was sent to Jersey to be court-martialled, on 28 October, for ‘repeated serious theft and receiving goods’. According to the police register, he was given a 10 month sentence, which was on top of a three month sentence of hard labour given on 19 September 1942.

Le Prevost was deported from Jersey on 18 November 1942 and sent first to Saint-Lô Prison. On 24 November 1942 he was transferred to Troyes Haut-Clos Prison. During his time here, Le Prevost was moved to the local hospital on 31 January 1943; we do not know why.

On 12 May 1943, he was transferred to Chalons-sur-Marne Prison. As his sentence was suspended on 27 April 1943 until the end of the war, we might assume that his period at this latest prison was brief. This assumption is backed up by the discovery of a document at The National Archives stating that he arrived at Saint Denis Internment Camp on 22 June 1943. It is unknown whether he stayed here for the rest of the war or whether he returned to Jersey with some of his colleagues from the camp in August 1943.

The Frank Falla Archive invites the family of Thomas Le Prevost to contact us if they have any further information to share.



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