Amelia Bree née Carboullec

Date of birth 9 June 1894
Place of birth St Malo, France
Deported from Jersey
Deportation date 25 November 1941
Address when deported Rosemount, Mont Millais, St Helier, Jersey
Deported to:
Caen Prison

By Gilly Carr

Amelia Bree née Carboullec was born in France on 9 June 1894. She was married to Jerseyman John Francis Bree and the couple had one child: William George Bree, born in Jersey in 1927. John Bree’s occupation was as a ‘general worker’ (according to his registration card); Amelia took care of the couple’s home.

Amelia Bree comes to our attention because, on 19 November 1941, she was tried by the court of the Field Command 515 to three months’ imprisonment for ‘two cases of larceny’. We know no further details about her offence.

Amelia was deported to Caen Prison, where she arrived on 25 November 1941, indicating at a date of deportation of that day or the day before. Her prison record shows that she was transferred to hospital on 27 November. Such a transfer within a couple of days of arrival hints at possible violence inflicted on Amelia while in prison in Jersey or Caen, unless she was deported while already ill enough to warrant hospital attention (in which case she was possibly more likely to have been treated in Jersey hospital).

Amelia’s sentence was due to expire on 24 February 1942; however, she was let out of prison on 4 February of that year. This was because the occupying authorities in Jersey decreed on 31 January 1942 that she be released at once and the execution of the sentence be deferred until the end of the war. We do not know what prompted this leniency, but it is likely that John Bree appealed for her return in order to look after their son.

Despite her deportation to Caen, Amelia Bree’s name is not found on the February 1943 deportation list of Islanders sent to Compiègne, which targeted the previously convicted among others. Thus, she was still in the Island later in the Occupation when she was convicted for a second time. Her name appears in the political prisoner log book a second time: on 6 July 1944 she was given a two month sentence for receiving stolen goods. She was let out of Jersey jail on 5 August 1944. The fact that her name was in the political prisoner log book tells us that this was likely to have been goods stolen from the Germans.

No more about her is known.



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